Weekly National Television Show

Nashville, TN, April 6, 2017 – CJM Productions of Nashville, Tennessee has announced the signing of Rick Davis Chattanooga Jeweler to multi-million dollar production and media contract that will produce and syndicate Rick Davis “America’s Jeweler” half-hour television show. The show will be aired across the U.S.A. and Canada. Jeff Moseley and Jim Lindsey will executive produce. The show will be produced in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

CIM has a thirty-four year track record of producing and syndicating quality television programming such as “Nashville Insider. Inside Music Row, Country Fix, Bluegrass Ridge, Reflections and many more.”

Jeff Moseley, president and executive producer of CJM Productions in making the announcement stated “Rick’s knowledge and warm personality comes across so naturally, he’s just built for television. When I saw him on his local show, thanks to Jim Lindsey, I knew we had a winner.”

Rick Davis, owner of Rick Davis Gold and Diamonds stated, “For 41 years I have been in the jewelry business. One thing has always been obvious, the public needs to be better informed. And now I can do something about that. It’s my belief that by sharing what I’ve learned in 41 years and over 20,000 transactions, everyone can learn how to get the best possible price and value when buying and selling jewelry.”

The production is in planning and the production for Rick Davis “America’s Jeweler” will start in April. Air dates and networks will be announced at a later date. For more information, please contact Jeff Moseley at CJM Productions at cjmproductions@comcast.net.